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Life Activation

Transform your life.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Establish new & healthy relationships.

Jikiden Reiki

Restore your flow of energy

Tree of Life & Chakra Awakening

Feel more balanced and centred.

Full Spirit Activation

Improve the connection with your soul.

Shamanic Aura Clearing

Increase you protection.

Aura Healing

Increase your energy.

Meridian Line Balancing

Improve Chi energy flow.

Ensofic Ray Healing

Feel more connected.

Hermetic Ray Soul Retrieval

Increase your energy.

Energy Balance

Realign and rebalance your body.

Laser Light Therapy

Heal your physical body.

Golden Spiral Reflexology

Remove energy blockages.

Essential Oils Healing

Physical & emotional healing.

Sacred Geometry Healings

Crystal Healing

Bring about deep renewal.

Ancient Crystal Chanting Healing

Heal subconcious wounds

Sacred Egyptian Healings

Deeper spiritual understanding


Goddess Package

Goddess Package

Beauty & divinity expressed in every aspect of one’s life!


Max Meditation System ™

A truly revitalising experience.


Crystal Reading

Get clarity, understanding & solutions

Life Purpose Reading

Unlock your vast potential.


Ancient Crystal Gridding

Experience strong, positive energy.

Sacred Temples

Create sacred & holy spaces.


Holistic Decor Styling

Transform your home.

Holistic Fashion & Beauty Styling

Express who you truly are.


“Candice changed all of that for me with her life activation. I literally walked out of her incredibly tranquil healing room feeling as light as a feather and all lit up inside…” Claire

“I have been switched on and I can now be the Goddess that I am, shine my light and do the work that I came here to do. There is no greater gift than that. I am eternally grateful.”


I feel positive, free, alive, switched-on…. I cry because I am happy, I see life happening around me and I am able to process so much more information in a positive way.Anne

“What you are doing is really amazing. I haven’t felt so good in months 🙂 and no western medication could have done this. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me.Medical Doctor




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